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Letting You Know What Is Best In Aquamarine

March 9, 2015

Aquamarine – a color and shade of the sky and sea. Comes from the Latin words aqua which means water and mare which means sea. Its value depends upon its shade. Believed to be a gem for happy marriage and lasting bond between couples and a gem representing harmony, sympathy, trust and happiness. When strike by the sun, it gives off a radiant blue color which makes it a very good gem as it suits every women of different skin color and eye color. Came from the deepest part of a metamorphic rock where a very intricate procedure is done to make sure the beauty is preserved. Very authentic sources are Brazil, Russia and Pakistan. Came from the beryl family. Due to its harness, it is protected from large scratches and can last a long time. From earrings to rings to bracelets to necklace pendants, aquamarine goes with every kind of accessories. It also can come with different metals such as stainless steel, white and yellow gold, silver and platinum. From heart shape to square shape to oval shape, it really suits the wearer.

All the descriptions above are characteristics of aquamarine which makes it a very popular gemstone these days. In order to make sure you are buying the best aquamarine necklaces, reviews are good sources of information especially when you buy it online. One of the best sites for aquamarine necklaces is They are very meticulous on the review they are giving as they will make sure that authentic aquamarine necklaces are the only ones they review about.